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Shimano launch synchronised shift on Di2

The latest firmware update for Di2 enables synchronised shift for Ultegra 6870 components. Synchronised shift lets the Di2 brain select the next available gear with one click of the lever. You're basically selecting a harder gear or an easier gear which may result in the Di2 brain making the selection by changing to the other front chain ring and a sprocket of the cassette. It's rather bizarre to watch it in action but it appears to work flawlessly.

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Slick cables can lead to a bad gear change

​10 and 11 speed gear changing needs good quality cables to get a precise, smooth gear change. Many cable manufacturers offer PTFE coated cables for this purpose. PTFE is a coating similar to that on a non-stick pan so you can see why it is helpful in getting that precise gear change we're after. However, things can go wrong if you don't change this type of cable regularly.

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Your gear hanger is your friend

A bent gear hanger can result in poor gear changes at best or a damaged wheel at worst. Don't ignore any fall, bump or transit damage that could have affected the drive side of your bike.

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Spring causes changing problems

My wife rides a nice little black carbon number equipped with a Shimano 105 groupset. She's recently been complaining that changing gear with the front dérailleur has been getting increasingly difficult. I get on the bike and can't find anything wrong! However, when she says that she's getting signs of arthritis in her left hand I start to take notice.

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