Rock 'n' Roll lubrication products

Everyone has their favourite 'go to' lube. Ours continues to be Rock 'n' Roll - not because of our taste in music but because it is long lasting and helps keep your chain clean. The formulation goes deep down into the chain and traps any dirt. Then, with the energy of the chain free-wheeling backwards, the dirt and grit floats to the surface so you can wipe it all off, leaving a new and clean application of lube inside the chain, where it’s needed. The lube down inside the chain creates a protective membrane to seal out dirt and moisture from the moving parts of the chain. As well as holding in place the best lube on the planet, for longer chain life, super smooth shifting and pedalling. Sounds like it contains unicorn dust? Give it a try on a clean chain and see for yourself.

KMC chains

KMC offers the finest range of bike chains in the world. Within the space of just 4 years, KMC has succeeded in producing not only a chain for every user but also a chain of unequalled quality in every riding discipline. Since its inception some 30 years ago KMC has become one of the leading bike chain manufacturers in the world.

Jagwire cables and cable accessories

The effectiveness of your gear shift is largely down to the quality of the cables and components. We use Jagwire slick stainless cables and housings with slick lube liners. We also use their sealed end caps that have an o-ring to stop dirt and debris entering your cable system. We stock various housing colours.

Continental tubes

We like a decent tube where you can replace the valve core if needed or fit a threaded extender. Continental have stood the test of time and produce a great range of tubes. We stock 42mm, 60mm and 80mm valve lengths where available in Race, Race Light, Race Supersonic and Race Training.

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