Rozone PCS23 Mobile SmartWasher
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Rozone PCS23 Mobile SmartWasher



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This is a used but well cared for item.

The PCS23 is a mobile solvent free bioremediating parts washer that can be moved around the workplace to tackle all your degreasing and cleaning applications. Mobility is made easy with the compact, yet durable dolly; complete with a footstep to move the PCS23 easily around the work place and over cords and hoses.


  • Solvent free, water based cleaning
  • No vapours
  • Non Toxic, non caustic, non flammable
  • Reduced hazardous waste disposal costs
  • Lower risk to employees and the environment
  • Wide sink for more efficient work space
  • Flexible nozzle with adjustable flow rate
  • Angled brush for ease of use while washing parts
  • Long length power cord with strap to conveniently keep the power cord out of work space

Technical Data:

  • Overall dimensions: (W) 686mm x (L) 1092mm x (H) 1054mm
  • Inside sink dimensions: (W) 572mm x (L) 673mm x (H) 203mm
  • Machine weight: 92Kgs (when full) 32Kgs (when empty)

Price new £1,260 inc VAT

This is about 4 years old and is being sold for £750 inc VAT including one 20L container of fluid and a set of filter/microbe pads.

No solvents, warm liquid softens the grease, the detergent gets a great finish then the microbes eat the oil and grease! Best thing I ever bought for the workshop. Plus it has a large bath so a full groupset can be cleaned. You can also suspend a bike over the bath on a bike stand.