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Using Quick Release Hubs

What is a Quick Release?

It is a mechanism that uses a single quick release lever operation on the hub to enable the wheel to be easily installed and removed.

How a Quick Release hub works

When the quick release lever is brought to the closed position, the lever nut moves inward. The force of this clamps the wheel to the frame and holds the wheel securely in place.

The clamping strength is adjusted by turning the adjusting nut. When the nut is turned in a clockwise direction, the clamping strength increases, and when the nut is turned in a counter-clockwise direction, the clamping strength decreases.

How to fasten a quick release hub

  1. Move the quick release lever to the OPEN position and set the wheel so it firmly touches the interior of the fork end (See sketch below).
  2. Open and close the quick release lever with your right hand while gradually tightening the adjusting nut (located on the opposite side of the hub) with your left hand in the clockwise direction. Continue tightening the nut until you feel resistance with your hand at the point when the lever is parallel to the hub (as indicated by the dotted position in the diagram below).
  3. Grip the fork with your fingers and use the palm of your hand to close the quick release lever with as much strength as possible. When closed, the quick release lever must be in the “CLOSE” position shown below in the diagram on the right. The side of the lever with the inscription “CLOSE” must be facing away from the wheel, and the lever should be parallel to the fork as shown below in the diagram below.

Positioning of the quick release lever

For safety, the quick release lever should be along the bicycle frame when in the CLOSE position.

Always check your quick release hubs before riding to make sure that the wheels are correctly installed on the bicycle frame. This is especially important after you park your bicycle in a public place in case someone has tried to undo your wheel!

Make sure that the quick release levers are pushed fully to the CLOSE position (the side of the lever with the inscription “CLOSE” must be facing away from the wheel).