We want you to look after your bike so we only need to help with the things you can't or don't want to tackle. In the knowledge hub you'll find tips and useful information about how to keep your bike in tip top condition.

Inner tubes and valves

There are generally two types of valves used on bicycle wheels. The Schrader valve (like on a car tyre) is commonly used on mountain and BMX bikes with wide tyres and lower tyre pressures. The narrower Presta valve is commonly used on road and racing bikes with narrower tyres and higher tyre pressures. The main things to consider when fitting a new inner tube are: Always use the right valve....

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Tyre Size Guide

Can I just have a standard tyre for my bike please? If only it were that simple! The tyre pictured is either a 23-622, 28x⅞, 700x23C or a 28x1

No problem! The EU has come to the rescue with the ETRTO standardised sizing. Yes, that's the European Tyre and Rim Technical Organisation.

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Derailleur Gear Adjustment

Derailleur Gears may look to be complicated devices but are actually quite simple in practice. The chain is pushed sideways onto the selected sprocket or chainring by using a friction or indexed lever. Modern bikes use an indexed system where a click on the shifter selects the desired sprocket. The gear shifter may be integrated into the brake levers. If your gear indexing has suddenly started misbehaving, firstly check that...

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Cleaning and Lubricating Your Chain

Cleaning your ChainKeeping your chain clean will make it last longer and give a smoother gear change. The chain can be cleaned on or off the bike and is down to personal choice.On the bikeThis method uses a device that is placed on the chain whilst on the bike. It contains brushes and rollers that flex the chain and run it through a reservoir of solvent.Off the bikeIf you are...

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Chain Wear and Replacement

Chains wear - fact! The rate of wear (or more specifically 'stretch') depends on how clean you keep your chain and drive-train together with the type of riding you do. From experience I can say that most people think their chain is ok and isn't unduly worn but the reality is somewhat different. I've lost count of the number of times I've had to replace chain rings and cassettes due...

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Using Quick Release Hubs

What is a Quick Release? It is a mechanism that uses a single quick release lever operation on the hub to enable the wheel to be easily installed and removed. How a Quick Release hub worksWhen the quick release lever is brought to the closed position, the lever nut moves inward. The force of this clamps the wheel to the frame and holds the wheel securely in place. The clamping...

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Tyres - units of pressure

Traditionally UK bicycle maximum recommended tyre pressures would have been displayed on the sidewall of the tyre in psi (pounds per square inch) and/or bar. More recently we are seeing tyres showing pressures in kPa or even kgf/cm2. So what are these units of pressure? kPa - kilopascal1kPa ≡ 1000Pa. The pascal (symbol: Pa) is the SI derived unit of pressure named after the French physicist Blaise Pascal. It is...

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Using Quick Release Brakes

What is a Quick Release?The idea behind quick release brakes is that the brakes can be opened to allow the removal of the wheel in the event of a puncture or wheel change. Caliper BrakesA quick release brake is usually of the caliper type as shown. The quick release mechanism is either on the brake lever or the brake itself. When the quick release lever is moved to the Open...

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