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Compressionless brake housing makes a difference

I recently serviced a TT bike that used a full length of brake cable housing from the lever to the rear brake.

The housing was standard spiral wound brake housing which resulted in a very spongy feel and less than ideal braking.

The problem with spiral wound housing is that over a long run like this, it does compress resulting in a loss of braking power. Compressionless housing uses linear strands like gear housing which resist the compression force when the lever is applied. The braking on this bike was transformed by the use of compressionless housing. Bear in mind the bike was also using carbon specific brake pads which tend to be less effective.

Is it for everybody? Well it’s a little more expensive and it is stiffer which means slightly larger bends. For the majority of bikes standard housing is fine but if you do have a full length of housing going to the rear brake then this could be the solution. The brand I use also has a Kevlar weave to provide extra strength with lighter weight.