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10 years of great service

On the 20th January 2008 The Cycle Mechanic opened for business.

Do you do the Dutch reach?

This could save lives. Check it out. Obviously we’d use the left hand in the UK!

Is my chain worn?

The photo shows a very worn chain riding up the teeth on the front chainwheel. That chain is obviously worn and will be responsible for odd noises and poor gear changes.

Slick cables can lead to a bad gear change

10 and 11 speed gear changing needs good quality cables to get a precise, smooth gear change. Many cable manufacturers offer PTFE coated cables for this purpose.

Grow your own bike!

This initiative makes bamboo bikes that are suitable for the high terrain and rough roads for local and international needs using native bamboo.

Quick release for a clicking bottom bracket

A client brought in a bike with a clicking bottom bracket. On taking it for a test ride there sure was a clicking coming from the bottom bracket.

Cut out Campy cable costs

Well the title probably got your attention. I’d better explain. Whilst working on a couple of Campagnolo equipped bikes today I was reminded of the number of times I’ve had to remove Shimano gear cables from a Campy lever.

Olympics TV coverage

What with fixing bikes and keeping up with the TdF, life hasn’t left much time for anything else. Now we’ve got hours of live cycling due next month courtesy of the Rio Olympics.